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Skype chat 2013.06.25. - Mr Appiah vs kerdezzfelelek

Enter a message to introduce yourself.

I am Mr. Martins Appiah.A citizen of Ghana .I have in my bank the
existence of a big amount of money that belongs to a customer, Mr.
Daniel, who happen to have the same last name as yours.The fund is now
without any claim because Mr. Daniel died in a deadly earthquake in
China in 2008. I want your co-operation so as to make my bank send you
the fund as the beneficiary and next of kin.

This transaction will be of a great mutual assistance to us.Send me
your reply of interest so that I will give you the details. Send it to
my private email account MartinsAppiah002@hotmail.com   or send me
email address to send you details of this transaction.

At the receipt of your reply, I will give you details of the transaction.
And a copy of the Deposit certificate of the fund and also the
incorporation certificate of the company that generated the fund.

Best regards,

[20:38:44] kf: get a real job
[20:40:10] martins appiah7: What du mean by that
[20:40:58] kf: instead of sending this shit spam that is out of date since 2002
[20:41:50] kf: and trying to get people’s personal and banking data in the hope to make some dodgy money
[20:41:59] kf: that is what I mean by that
[20:42:44] martins appiah7: Are you okay
[20:43:09] martins appiah7: Have you see me before
[20:43:48] martins appiah7: Or due you know me
[20:43:52] kf: you just sent me a letter here that some monkey has died and you have no access to his money in the bank
[20:44:48] martins appiah7: Why do you mind you self
[20:44:48] kf: and you need my personal details and bank account to send the - probably non-existing - fund to
[20:45:23] kf: do you want me to copy what you just sent to me?
[20:45:33] martins appiah7: How do you know about it
[20:46:12] kf: dont worry about that
[20:46:17] kf: this is Europe mate
[20:46:20] kf: we just know
[20:47:01] martins appiah7: I don’t care
[20:47:05] kf: «< copied his letter above »>
[20:48:19] martins appiah7: Yes
[20:48:37] martins appiah7:  I am Mr. Martins Appiah.A citizen of Ghana .
[20:48:58] martins appiah7: But this is real
[20:49:01] kf: you better do care and delete all my personal details from your database or I will delete your whole database along with the internet connection
[20:49:26] kf: real, right?
[20:49:35] kf: you know what’s real my friend?
[20:50:36] kf: in Europe we all know about your dodgy business like this, and we keep monitoring these e-mail and IP addresses these kind of letters come from, so you better give a thorough clean to your hard drive immediately!
[20:51:24] martins appiah7 is now offline

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